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Successful experiment starts with successful planning. Our team will work with you to define the scope and the depth of your needs .  We will help Design experiments to get meaningful results


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Hera Biosciences is Boutique Next Generation Sequencing provider for small and medium size companies that value their time and resources
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Customer testimonials

As a biotech startup scaling our initial products to market, GreenLight Biosciences has begun running lineage and process re-sequencing experiments as a means of in-depth Quality Control.  At our stage in development, we looked to outsource our NGS needs, rather than assume the cost and upkeep associated with bringing our own instrumentation in-house. 

  • After a thorough evaluation of sequencing providers small and large, we chose to move forward with Hera Biosciences as one of a several potential partners on a pilot project.  We chose Hera Biosciences because of the promise that they could provide the same service as others, but act more like an extension of our internal  R&D, offering tailored solutions to our sequencing needs.  Indeed, our relationship with Hera turned out to be the most productive of all the providers we worked with.  Hera won on cost.  Hera nearly won on turnaround time.  Hera provided excellent data with homogenous coverage in a whole-genome re-sequencing dataset.  Hera also went above and beyond the call of duty to aid in our analysis. 
  • It is easy for me to recommend Hera Biosciences for your NGS needs because we have gone back to them for additional projects, and plan to leverage them as our sole partner for future products in our pipeline. 

Dr. Christopher J Gregg, Head of Strain Engineering

GreenLight Biosciences, LLC